The Coastal Stagecoach

The Independent Student Publication of Oregon Coast Community College

About us

The Name

Our newspapers name, “The Coastal Stagecoach” is as unique as it is historical. In years gone by—long before there were interstate highways and when county roads were not much more than a glorified horse trail, getting mail to post office’s or destinations along the West Coast was a daunting task, particularly through the coast range. Oftentimes, it was quicker and safer to take horse-drawn coaches along the wet sand at low tide from town to town—more distance could be covered in less time by using beaches as the foremost method of travel—the mail had to get through as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Coastal Stagecoach was the primary carrier of important information at the time.

During the initial stages of our newspaper’s conception, students put forth many different and potentially suitable names. After careful deliberation, a final vote was then made—The Coastal Stagecoach became our official newspaper’s title. That name was originally suggested by our journalism instructor and director, Mr. Greg Dewar. We’d like to think that the unanimous vote by the staff was our discreet way of honoring him for his commitment to our newspaper, Oregon Coast Community College and more importantly, the sincere concern for his student’s success. If it hadn’t been for Mr. Dewar standing in the forefront of this arduous journey and using his considerable amount of time, effort and knowledge to achieve this goal, The Coastal Stagecoach would never have become a reality. Thanks, Greg.

Who We Are

The Coastal Stagecoach staff is a productive, well-organized group of professionals in varied academic fields and all are currently enrolled students at OCCC. There is a board of directors comprised of OCCC instructors who oversee general aspects of the publication. There are elected positions for student editors in management, design, advertising, special sections and opinion. There are positions for contributing editors or writers and student contributions. There are positions for video, digital publication, podcasts and announcing to broadcast our publication through internet and local radio or television stations. We are a fully equipped and legally recognized media publication source.

All content is submitted by students and designed to be of interest for students, faculty and our community. The team members positions are all voluntary and they receive no financial compensation for their time. Everyone is there because they want to be and that’s a crucial aspect to the integrity of our writer’s content. Every piece or story goes through a rigorous process. It is copy edited, converted to digital format and properly arranged using specialized software. This entire process must be accomplished before a proper deadline and then sent off to print. The news doesn’t wait so it’s always a constant reminder of how critical timeliness and meeting deadlines is. We use a Newport based print shop for the hard-copy publication to show our support with the keeping it local program.

A Direction

The newspaper team has some basic goals to strive for as we progress into continued production. Our content will never be bias, or propaganda driven and always of interest to young or old alike. We are a diverse group representing many academic disciplines which allows us the privilege of seeing things from unique perspectives as only students would. That advantage aids in describing stories and making them both fun and interesting for our readers. We believe that journalism is one of the most important forms of communication to voice an opinion or inform a community of issues affecting us all. We encourage any questions, suggestions or responses from our readers.

Our Future

An opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of students, faculty, staff and our community is the kind of privilege that’s not easily acquired. We respect this unique opportunity and it gives us the means to convey important needs or concerns of those individuals whom we represent in the most insightful and thought-provoking manner available. To improve the quality of life for everyone involved will be a continuing legacy and The Coastal Stagecoach will always be the voice of reason and diplomacy for future generations at OCCC.

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