Spring has sprung in Lincoln County, and with it, so many incredible outdoor opportunities to explore! From Lincoln City to Yachats, there is always somewhere to explore, whether it is the sandy shores or the river’s edge. In this final of three articles, we will be exploring a few locations from the northern county line to Depoe Bay.    

The northern Lincoln County coastline is primarily sandy beaches, and has hiking trails, beachcombing and surfing opportunities. Bird watching and seasonal whale-watching are also popular activities in this area, depending on the season. 

Road’s End State Park viewpoint, looking north to Cascade Head. Photo: E. Bjornsgard

Lincoln City 

While many people connect shopping opportunities with Lincoln City, there are plenty of outdoor activities to do. Long, sandy beaches offer a great opportunity for picnics, kite flying and agate hunting. From the dune line to the surf, look for rocks and shells, organisms washed up on the beach, and harbor seal pups waiting on the beach for their mothers. If you see a harbor seal on the beach, remember to give it plenty of space. For more information on baby harbor seals, check out this previous Coastal Stagecoach article

There are also plenty of trails near Lincoln City. God’s Thumb trail leads from Road’s End toward Cascade Head, and can be completed as a loop or an out and back trail. This trail offers incredible views of the Pacific ocean and an opportunity to get out and stretch your legs! Find more information on this trail on the All Trails website

Common murres and other sea birds form a dense colony near Pirate’s Cove in Depoe Bay. Photo: E. Bjornsgard

Depoe Bay 

Depoe Bay is the self-proclaimed “World’s Smallest Harbor” but what it lacks in size it makes up for in its gorgeous viewpoints. Seasonally, whale watchers flock to Depoe Bay to watch the Gray Whales feed in the shallows as they migrate up and down the coast.  

During the late spring to early fall, sea birds gather on the rocky shores of Depoe Bay to breed. These birds spend several months at a time living solely in the open ocean, and only spend a few months on shore. Currently, there is at least one sea bird colony, in Pirate’s Cove, just north Depoe Bay harbor. Here, Common Murres, Pelagic Cormorants and Pigeon Guillemots have gathered. There is a public access viewpoint along Vista St, and has two parking spots. Alternatively, parking is available along highway 101, and the viewpoint is a short walk west.  

There are plenty of exciting opportunities to get out and explore this beautiful area around us, from the whale and bird watching of the North Lincoln county coast, through scenic roads and beaches of the Central coast, all the way to Waldport and Cape Perpetua of the South Lincoln coast. Get out there, and see what you can find!