The third annual Pearls of Wisdom at Oregon Coast Community College was held online on March 6th. In typical years, Pearls of Wisdom would allow guests to go from room to room in order to experience the different programs available at OCCC. While it held onto familiar activities from previous years, the online format allowed for innovation in the auction and donations, as well as the activities. 

The night started off with President Ryslinge and Representative David Gomberg welcoming guests. The hosts of the night, Dave Price and Patrick Alexander, told jokes and limericks to keep the party going. Because it was a distanced event, all of the guests were given charcuterie boxes with meats, cheeses, pickled vegetables, fruits and nuts.  

Music was provided by Milo Graamans in recorded music videos, including his original work Starlight, a performance of Scott Joplin’s Gladiolus Rag, and Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 9 No 2. These videos were shown before the main event of showcasing different programs.  

The welding program was highlighted with all of the success they have had in the last year, including former program members being hired by organizations around the world! It was noted how expensive the program is and how it is being funded by grants and donations. The video showed the equipment that is used in the program. Mike Rasmussen, the main instructor, was interviewed and he talked about how excited he is that this program has got off the ground. 

The nursing program not only showed a variety of students who are enrolled, but also featured a live tour. After the video, Alexander walked through the lab to show how students are able to practice nursing skills on mannequins that can talk, take intravenous fluids and be treated for injuries.  

The aquarium program showed off their sharks, demonstrating how they teach the sharks to swim into contraptions in order to be fed, examined and cared for. They also showed how students in this program come from all across the United States, from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from high school degrees to Bachelor degrees going back to school for a career change.  

A last program that was highlighted is the Rural Teacher Pathway Project. Theresa Harper talked about how students from this program are now going off to Western Oregon University for their third year and how excited they are about next year having student teachers coming back to Lincoln County for their final year of college. Tiana Tucker, HR Director for Lincoln County School District, talked about how the focus of this program is to recruit teachers that reflect the demographic of Lincoln County.  

At the end of the night, there was an auction to raise money for the different programs, equipment for the college and for the students who attend.